Product description & Product Flow Diagram

Product Description Document (PDD)

In PRINCE2, a Product Description Document (PDD) is a structured format for presenting certain information about a project product.

In most cases (but not always), it is the Project Manager’s responsability to create the PDD. The PDD must then be approved by the Project Board to be included in the Project Plan Documentation.

This is the structure used to create the PDD

  • Identifier
  • Title
  • Purpose
  • Composition
  • Derivation
  • Format and presentation
  • Development Skill Required
  • Quality criteria
  • Quality tolerances
  • Quality method
  • Quality skills required
  • Quality Responsibilities

Do not confuse with PPD

PDD = Product Description Document

PPD = Project Production Description

In PRINCE2, a Project Production Description (PPD) is generated during the start-up process; in the pre-project stage. It is a necessary component for the Project Brief.

Example: If you are to build a coffee maker, the coffee maker is the final product. The acceptance criteria for the coffee maker will be stated in the PPD. Intermediate products, such as material aquisition and testing if the coffee maker works, are intermediate products that are produced within the project, and such products are not delivered to the client. The definitions and criteria for these intermediate products are found in the corresponding PDDs.

Product Flow Diagram (PFD)

Product Flow Diagram

The Product Flow Diagram (PFD) is a graphical representation of the production order for products within the PRINCE2 system. It’s related to the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS), but they are not identical.

The PFD is typically created iteratively with the PBS and the PDD, since working through the logic flow helps managers identify missing products and add them.

  • The PFD is a planning aid rather than the outcome of planning.
  • The PFD must contain all of the products of the Product Breakdown Structure (PBS).
  • The PFD should be kept as simple and high-level as possible. If additional details are necessary, it is often best to make a separate supplementary PFD with more details to accompany the main PFD.