The 26 Management Products of PRINCE2

The PRINCE2 manual contains 26 suggested templates for documentation associated with the project. These templates are called management products.

Each management product is divided into three main component types:

  • Baselines
  • Records
  • Reports

Examples of management products

Project Brief

This template is used by the Project Board to authorize the Initiation Stage.

Configurations Management Strategy

As a part of the Initiating a Project Process, the Project Manager will complete this template to create documention about how the project’s products will be identified, controlled and protected.

Business Case

Management Products Use this template for the project’s financial justification.

Risk Register

This template is used to record identified risks for the project.

Quality Register

This template is used for information about all planned quality control activities, including details such as dates and individuals involved.

Benefits Review Plan

Use this template to define how and when a measurement of the project’s benefits, expected by the Senior User, can be made.

Communications Management Strategy

This template is filled out with information about the methods that will be used to communicate with stakeholders. Frequency must be included.

This template is for flow of information in both directions.

Daily Log

Use this template to record informal day-to-day issues.

Checkpoint Report

The Team Manger will reguarly use this template to create a progress report, which will be sent to the Project Manager.

Configuration Item Record

This template is for recording a product’s:

  • Owner
  • History
  • Status
  • Version
  • Variant
  • Relationship details (between items/products)
  • Copy holder(s)

Issues Register

This template is for keeping an issue log of complaints, problems, change requests, etcetera sent in by all members of the project.

Lessons Log

This template is used to keep notes of lessons learned. This way, other projects can benefit from the information.

End Project Report

Use this template for the end project report, where the end product is compared to the original Project Initiation Documentation (PID).

Integration with other techniques

The 26 Management Products are used for higher level management of the product.

Within individual tasks, managers are free to select their own project management framework. To help out, the PRINCE2 manual contains suggestions, such as Change Control, PERT Charts, Gantt Charts, the Critical Path method, and Agile Software Development methods.